Exploring, Deepening, Celebrating

The journey of interconnectedness and interdependence in different religious landscapes

Given the historical ties between Indonesia and the Netherlands, young people in the Netherlands should have the opportunity to learn more about its former colony, Indonesia, its people, culture and religious landscape. That was the reason why the Netherlands-Indonesia Consortium for Muslim-Christian Relations (NICMCR) decided to invite youngsters from the Netherlands to attend the 8th Interfaith Dialogue at UKDW, Yogyakarta, 22 – 23 June 2023. This  conference followed by an excursion to a Buddhist temple and visit to an interfaith Institution, would provide an excellent opportunity to realise this idea.

Thanks to the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, which sponsored their flight, four Dutch students and activists were able to deepen their knowledge on culture, religion and society through the academic sessions at the conference as well as experience what it means in practice to be among other cultures, customs and religions. In this way, a realistic framework could be created that recognises the importance of religious aspects within society that are cherished in both countries. The ever-changing Dutch sociological climate, due to the influence of migration and globalisation, can learn a lot in this regard from Indonesia, with its long history of interfaith dialogue.

In interesting essays, Ahmad Deniz, Duncan Wielzen, Regina v.d. Wall and Yunus Meijerink reflected their impressions and intentions.

Ahmad Deniz Duncan Wielzen Regina v.d. Wall Yunus Meijerink