Pandemic & Marginalized groups, part 3

In Indonesia, child marriage still occurs frequently, notwithstanding the revision of the Marriage Law in 2019. Not only hampered by cultural or poverty reasons, very often religious arguments are used to legitimize these practices. In what ways does religion support child marriage and how did the pandemic in fact contribute to the increase of child marriages?

In The Netherlands, the pandemic affected the population in various ways. How are households in The Netherlands dealing with the impact of the pandemic?

In this third and last part of the webinar-series on ’Pandemic and Marginalized Groups’ for 2020, Dr Iklilah Muzayyanah Dini Fajriyah, M.Si (University of Indonesia) and Dr Gé Speelman (The Protestant Theology University, Amsterdam) will enlighten us on the above subjects. The webinar is organised by the Gender Working group of The Netherland-Indonesia Consortium for Muslim-Christian Relation (NICMCR).

Please join us on:

Monday, 30 November 2020 at 16.00 WIB / 10.00 CET.

Hosted on zoom (limited space), this webinar will be held in bahasa Indonesia and English.

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