Short Video Competition 2023

This activity aimed to encourage the participation of high school and vocational high school students throughout Indonesia in expressing their views on themes related to tolerance, humanity and democracy through video media. This competition aimed to promote these values and increase students’ understanding of the importance of respecting differences, fighting for human rights, and playing an active role in the democratic process.

In this way, participants were invited to provide a creative, inspiring and innovative perspective on these topics through the videos they made.

The competition started in October 2023. Based on the assessment results of the jury consisting of 1. Dr. Atik Tapipin (Bandung), 2. Pastor Paulus Wijono (Yogyakarta) and 3. Yunus Meijerink (The Netherlands) on 30 November 2023, the top 5 of the Short Video Competition NICMCR POKJA IRE 2023 were announced and their winning videos presented online:

1. Triananda Pasha
2. Aiman Abdurrahman
3. Shina Awahana Aprilia
4. Arya Setia
5. Gerin Shella Romdoni

You can watch these 5 videos via the following link