Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

Special Issue
Inclusive Religious Education: Dutch and Indonesian Experiences     

Guest editors: Zainal Abidin Bagir, Gerdien Bertram-Troost & Gregory Vanderbilt

Peeters Publishers and Booksellers
Bondgenotenlaan 153, B-3000 Louvain, Belgium

Studies in Interreligious Dialogue is an academic peer-reviewed journal. It welcomes scholarly works on encounters between believers of different religions and worldviews from a practice-theory point of view. It invites discussion of practical issues concerning interreligious relations, such as interreligious learning, worship, marriage, welfare. The journal publishes articles by adherents of various religious traditions and academic disciplines. In particular, Studies in Interreligious Dialogue aims to enhance practical religious studies as a new field in the academic study of religion.

This special issue of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue started from conversations among Indonesian and Dutch academics, religious scholars and education practitioners since 2016. The conversations were initiated by The Netherlands-Indonesia Consortium of Muslim-Christian Relations (NICMCR) which has acknowledged the importance of this topic and the need to address it properly in order to sustain viable ways of coexistence in our pluralist societies.

Table of Contents and Introduction: here