The Politics of Religious Education

book politics of religious educationThe Politics of Religious Education

Authors: Suhadi, Mohamad Yusuf, Marthen Tahun, Budi Asyhari, Sudarto

Publisher: CRCS-UGM, 2015
Paperback: 92 pages
Price: Rp. 45.000


This Report on Religious Life in Indonesia examines three issues. First, its analysis of the politics of religious education includes a look at the history and ideology of religious education, religious identity as a student index, and religious education for members of “belief groups” not recognized by the state as official religions. Second, it examines the 2013 Curriculum and the place of religious education in it. The monograph also investigates the new requirements of “spiritual competence” as a new “burden” for all school subjects in the 2013 Curriculum. Third, it discusses religion in the public space of the school. Since the Reform Era, the existence of spiritual organizations is very significant in shaping religious identity in the public space of school.

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