Women, Nature and Religion

The world population has endured high levels of stress and uncertainty over the last fifteen months. On top of that, climate change cruises unabatedly. For instance, Nusa Tenggara where Cyclone is unheard of in the previous centuries hit the region recently with severe consequences. How has this cyclone impacted the life of the women in this area? Does this ancient Chinese proverb proven ‘Women Hold up Half the Sky’ justifiable all along?. Can religion contribute to addressing climate change?

Etji Doek from Jaringan Perempuan Indonesia Timur (JPIT) , Mia Siscawati (Gender Studies University of Indonesia) and Geke van Vliet (Vrije Universiteit) will enlighten us on the above subject. This event is organized by The Netherland-Indonesia Consortium for Muslim-Christin Relation (NICMCR)

Join us on Monday, 5 July 2021 at 16.00 WIB or 11 am CET. Hosted on zoom (limited space). This webinar will be held in bilingual, Indonesian and English. Register HERE